Cures and Sealers

Dress & Seal
Cures, seals and dustproofs concrete surfaces sealing out job site dirt, oil and motor drippings. Allows proper bonding of resilient tiles. Resists yellowing. Compliance: ASTM-C-309, Type 1; ASTM-C1315, Grade B

Dress & Seal 30
High gloss, high solids. High solids means high gloss and top of the line curing with our Dress & Seal #30. This product cures, seals and dustproofs concrete with a high solids (30% ) blend of UV stable acrylic polymers.

Lumiseal Plus
Lumiseal Plus is a non-yellowing, high solids, very high gloss, pure acylic cure and sealing compound. Lumiseal Plus is designed to provide sealing qualities that are totally resistant to yellowing from ultraviolet/sunlight exposure. Popular sealer for colored pattered and stamped concrete.

L&M Cure
A specially compounded voc compliant cure which penetrates concrete and combines chemically with the free lime, forming a barrier from within. L&M Cure treated concrete is compatible with epoxy coatings, caulks, chemical hardeners, membrane seals, cementitious toppings, and penetrating sealers.

L&M Cure R
L&M Cure R is a voc complaint, ready-to-use, clear resin based membrane cure. The membrane forming ability of L&M Cure R is designed to retain sufficient moisture to properly hydrate concrete placements.

L&M Cure W
L&M Cure W is a water-based, voc compliant, ready-to-use wax curing compound. L&M Cure W is odor-free and ideally suited for use in enclosed areas. Not recommended for floors scheduled to receive subsequent treatments or toppings.

Debond Form Coating
Debond Form Coating is our high performance, chemical release agent that eliminates concrete buildup from sticking to all types of forms, in all types of weather. Excellent for wood, aluminum and steal forms. voc compliant, Debond forms a water-resistant barrier that greatly reduces form maintenance and concrete surface defects (bugholes). Debond is less expensive than conventional form oil per square foot, and is the most cost effective extended warranty you can buy for a set of forms. Low odor Debond contains no diesel fuel or fuel oil, only the finest, high refined raw materials.

E-Z Strip
E-Z Strip offers effective stripping of forms at economical prices by means of physical barrier that prevents concrete from attaching to concrete form surfaces. Low odor, E-Z Strip contains no fuel oil or diesel fuel.